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Athent helps students and athletes easily understand and manage their finances, brand and investments.

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Why it matters

Currently, 78% of NFL players go bankrupt within 2 years of retirement. In our research, pro athletes identified that the crucial engagement period was during college.

Pre-Enroll Your Organization Today

  • "Real life" game

    Unique financial training model with real demographics & statistics.

  • Pro athlete speakers

    Speaking on financial literacy experiences

  • Competitive edge

    Influence & priority on pre-market revolutionary tech

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Reshaping the future

Athent is changing the culture by introducing financial literacy in a fun and engaging way. By joining our Beta Phase you can help us shape the way we do it.

More than just numbers

You, as an educator, have a unique opportunity to affect change for future generations. Your impact today has the potential to be relevant for years to come.

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Your Commitment

  • Focus groups

    2-6 groups of 1-2 hours with at least 10 athletes

  • Player surveys

    Quick surveys given out at the end of each focus group

  • Follow-up interviews

    Player development & progress tracking interviews

Athent education sections

Athlete development series

  • Budgeting basics

    You got a stipend... Now what?

  • Social media balance

    Brand building for the future without loss of character.

  • Learning the language

    Business & Finance terms to be apart of the conversation.

  • Eligibility

    Getting ready to being recruited - be the one in charge.

  • Inner circle

    Identify your inner circle and vet professional services.

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